Improving Performance

This is my first blog, so let's see how beginner's luck works for me!

Are you a golfer, tennis player, student, or test-taker? Have you ever wished that your mental focus was sharper in order to increase your athletic or test performance?

A golfer stands on the first tee looking down the fairway. Does that person know how to stay in a relaxed state while they size up the shot? Do they tend to imagine the shot in a positive or negative way? Our minds and bodies are intimately connected. The slightest tension, the vaguest memory of that last poor shot influences the way in which our bodies respond.

As a student, do you tend to imagine the worst, or do have effective study methods and comfortable ways to organize, recall and incorporate all that stuff you've been trying to pour into your busy head?

There are at least three important psychological elements that are extremely important in improving any type of personal performance.

This is not big news! Chances are you already knew it. As most of us realize time and time again in life, knowing about something and doing it, while related, are two very different things.

Clinical hypnosis geared toward performance can help you accomplish all of these abilities and more.

George Glaser George is a clinical social worker in private practice in Austin, Texas.

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