Coping with Diabetes



As an insulin-dependent diabetic for over 50 years, I am well aware of the problems that people with this disease face on a daily basis. Psychotherapy can be a very useful resource in diabetic care. There are at least two ways it can help. First, a person with diabetes (as is the case for anyone with a chronic illness) has been handed something that makes their life harder in a variety of ways. It affects self-esteem, activities and relationships. In a sense, there is some form of grief to work through. Many people with diabetes have to find a way to cope with resentment and anger, as unacknowledged and unresolved anger can be a tremendous obstacle to self-care and living a quality life. Counseling and psychotherapeutic services can help a person understand and work through those feelings. Secondly, the counseling relationship can helps serve as a point of stability when a diabetic finds it difficult to perform necessary self-care in regard to medication use, diet, exercise and stress management. Especially useful in this regard is hypnosis, which can be an excellect tool for aligning a person's conscious intentions and unconscious resources. A few sessions of hypnotherapy to deal with obstacles is very helpful in the full range of diabetic health care. Feel free to call or email me regarding your needs.


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