Couples Therapy Specialist

George P. Glaser, LCSW

Psychotherapist located in Austin, TX

George P. Glaser, LCSW provides couples therapy in Austin, Texas. As a licensed psychotherapist, Mr. Glaser uses couples therapy to help improve relationships, as well as encourage healthy growth between individuals in a relationship. Mr. Glaser’s training as a licensed clinical social worker, family therapist and a hypnosis practitioner allow him to provide patients with a beneficial, well-rounded approach to couples therapy.

Couples Therapy Q & A

Is hypnosis used effectively for couples therapy?

Hypnosis is a technique that works to improve focus, concentration, and self-control within an individual. This method allows Mr. Glaser to work with each person within a relationship to improve their personal issues. As a result, when the two parties come together they’re better balanced and able to resolve problems that arise in the relationship. One of the most common reasons couples seek therapy, including hypnotherapy, is to deal with instability within the relationship. Instability can come in the form of chronic stress, aging, having children, or dealing with medical conditions. Through effective therapy, Mr. Glaser can help the individuals in a relationship overcome these stressors.

Can a relational imbalance be treated with hypnotherapy?

Relational imbalance involves changes in a couple’s relationship. This could be caused by any change in life, such as having to take care of one of the individual’s parents to battling a cancer diagnosis. Whenever a life change occurs, there’s naturally a relational imbalance. Hypnotherapy works to assist the couple in dealing with the effects of these stressors. Mr. Glaser uses a resource-based approach in couples work. This includes learning how to relax and how to be present with one another when going through relational imbalances. For couples struggling with anger issues, depression, being overworked, or blaming one another for relational imbalances, hypnotherapy is an ideal form of treatment.

Should my partner and I seek hypnotherapy if our relationship is currently healthy?

Couples therapy isn’t only for couples struggling to keep a relationship from ending. Through hypnotherapy, each person in the relationship can improve their own issues and emotional disorders. This allows them to be a healthier and more resourceful individual within the relationship. It helps couples learn to be more open when dealing with stress and disagreements with their partner.


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